ICEEFT Certified EFT Trainer, Dr Clare Rosoman is committed to making EFT accessible to a wide range of people and for all attachment relationships. The Brisbane Centre for EFT is her base for EFT training for therapists throughout Australia and the world. Read on to learn more about BCEFT and Clare's approach to EFT training.

Our Mission: Why so passionate about EFT?

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is all about the promotion of secure, resilient individuals and successful relationships between partners and within families. BCEFT is passionate about this model of therapy because it works and it treats ALL people with dignity and kindness. That’s why we do what we do. We believe in this model and want to share it with Australia.

BCEFT’s mission is to further the reach of EFT in Queensland and Australia by providing information about EFT, offering and listing training for mental health professionals in EFT, and creating and supporting community amongst EFT therapists.

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Making EFT Accessible to All

EFT trainer Clare Rosoman is dedicated to making EFT accessible for all therapists and for all human relationships. She is committed to embracing diversity in the EFT community and ensuring that EFT spaces feel welcoming to all. Diversity in the therapists in our EFT community is embraced as we all come together to grow and to learn from one another.

Committed action to embrace all in EFT

  • Clare and BCEFT are committed to making EFT training spaces inclusive to all people and all relationships.
  • At least one scholarship (no fee) place will be offered at each EFT training event run by Clare.
  • All participants in Clare’s training events are invited to complete a pre-training webinar on cultural humility and honoring diversity in EFT.
  • This is free for all therapists to view, just email training@bceft.com.au

Educating therapists about EFT

  • BCEFT provides high quality EFT training that adheres to the ICEEFT  training requirements for Certification as an EFT therapist.
  • We provide training in EFT for couples and relationships (EFCT) and for individuals (EFIT).
  • Clare includes diverse examples in her EFT training to represent a wide range of people and lived experiences.
  • We provide up-to-date information on EFT via the BCEFT website.

Supporting the growth of EFT

  • BCEFT supports EFT communities throughout Australia in their development and growth and advertises their EFT training events.
  • We support Australian Peer Development Groups to enable therapists to connect at no cost.
  • We elevate many voices, including diverse voices in the EFT community through mentoring into positions of leadership.
  • We provide and maintain a free Find an EFT Therapist Directory

EFT Training with Dr. Clare Rosoman

Clare is an ICEEFT Certified EFT trainer with a passion for attachment and EFT.  She is committed to sharing the EFT model with therapists all around the world.

Believing in the power of attachment and connection in all relationships and the unique people who make them what they are, attention is paid in every training event to how EFT might assist people in relationships of many styles such as monogamous couples, non-monogamous relationships and multi-partnered relationships, families, platonic friendships and more. Clare is deeply respectful of the cultural context in which people live, love and grow and prioritizes this in her training and in her therapeutic work.

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Scholarship Places in Clare's EFT Training Events

Click here for more information on scholarship opportunities for EFT training with Clare Rosoman.

Brisbane Centre for EFT Stance on Diversity & Inclusion in EFT Training & Therapy

As the Brisbane Centre for EFT, we stand by ICEEFT’s statement on diversity and inclusion in EFT and commit to taking real action to be inclusive of all and to prevent the marginalisation of any members within our Australian EFT community. EFT is for all people regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, culture, sexuality, sex, gender, ability, or age. We acknowledge that systems of oppression exist in our society and we aim to take action to disrupt and challenge the assumptions and norms that allow this.

EFT is for relationships of all constellations between people who matter to each other, regardless of the structure and nature of that relationship. EFT is about nurturing strong healthy relationships that benefit all; individuals, groups, and society as a whole.

BCEFT honours and respects the traditional owners across this vast land in which we provide our services. We acknowledge their enduring connection to land, sea and sky and pay our respect to elders past, present and emerging.

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EFT is for all people regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, culture, sexuality, sex, gender, ability, or age.

EFT is about nurturing strong healthy relationships that benefit all; individuals, groups and society as a whole.

Responsibilities of ICEEFT Certified EFT Trainers

ICEEFT Certified Trainers are leaders in promoting ICEEFT’s Mission, which is to educate mental health professionals and raise public awareness of the effectiveness of EFT and its role in strengthening relationship bonds and creating individual wellbeing.

The role of an EFT Trainer is challenging and rewarding. Usually, a Trainer is affiliated with an EFT Center and is often its director. In addition to shaping and leading their EFT communities, EFT trainers conduct core EFT trainings for therapists and workshops and masterclasses on EFT-related topics. They also offer clinical supervision to EFT therapists and mentor supervisors-in-training to become ICEEFT Certified EFT Supervisors.

Trainer responsibilities typically include:

  • Develop and promote an EFT Center
  • Being the primary liaison between the ICEEFT Board of Directors and a local EFT Center
  • Serve on the committees of ICEEFT
  • Contribute to EFT practice development, supervision, training and research
  • Collaborate and support each other in developing EFT training events and resources

Following the core values ​​of ICEEFT, EFT Trainers seek opportunities to support the development of EFT Centers and Communities through innovation, collaboration and promotion in the best interests of EFT practitioners. As ambassadors and administrators of the EFT model, trainers seek opportunities to actively collaborate with other trainers and EFT communities to promote the development of EFT knowledge globally and locally. This open and cooperative consultation respects the substantial effort and investment of all trainers and community organizers and reflects the collaborative and generous nature of the EFT model.