EFT Therapist Communities

There are several EFT communities and centres throughout Australia that are providing great training in EFT and coordinating volunteer-run peer development groups for EFT therapists. Joining your local EFT community is a wonderful way for therapists to continue to refine your EFT skills with the support of colleagues.

EFT Communities in Australia

Australia is lucky to have three EFT communities with hopefully more to come. Local EFT communities are part of an international EFT network overseen by the International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT). They are vital to the support of EFT therapists world-wide.

What are Peer Development Groups?

These groups are volunteer-run safe spaces where EFT therapists can continue to develop their EFT skills together, at no cost. Some are face to face groups where EFTers who live near to each other can meet and others are run online.

Therapists grow together by:

  • Watching and discussing EFT training videos (Senior EFT clinician sessions)
  • Sharing client experiences including struggles and triumphs
  • Working through chapters of EFT texts or reviewing recent articles/research
  • Supporting each other in their development as EFT therapists
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Peer Development Group Contact Details

Below, you will find links to the State Coordinator & Facebook page for peer development groups in each state and territory in Australia. If you'd like to join or facilitate a peer development group, please contact your state coordinator and they'd be delighted to talk with you about that.