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Competency-based Online EFT Supervision Group

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Competency-based Online EFT Supervision Group


Event dates: Tuesdays 28 May, 25 June, 23 July, 27 August, 24 Sept, 22 Oct, 19 Nov, 17 Dec 2024

Event times: 9-10am AEST (Brisbane time)

Registration closed

For any assitance, please contact

Pre-requisite: Externship in EFCT or Essentials of EFIT (or EFIT Level 1)

Building Your EFT Tool Kit in 8 Monthly Sessions

Clare’s supervision groups include concepts of EFT for couples (EFCT) and EFT for individuals (EFIT) and EFT for families (EFFT), so are relevant across EFT modalities.

  • Prerequisite: Externship in EFCT 4-day workshop/Fundamentals of EFIT/Fundamentals of EFFT.
  • Online platform: Online groups use Zoom. With the groups’ consent, we record the session for participants to re-watch before the next group.
  • Certification: As an ICEEFT Certified EFT Supervisor and Trainer, 4hrs of online group supervision with Clare can be counted towards the 8hrs required for Certification as an EFT therapist (so long as you talk about your cases and practice your skills). The remaining 4hrs need to be from individual supervision with an ICEEFT Certified EFT Supervisor.
  • Times:  Please check your time zone when booking. Clare’s groups are in AEST (Brisbane time).
  • Cancellations: Participants can cancel their registration up to 1mth before the group commences at no cost. For those who cancel within 1mth of the group commencing, they will be offered credit towards a future group with Clare. 


Join Clare for a course of 8x 1hr monthly EFT supervision sessions where we cover the EFT core competencies as identified in the ICEEFT EFT Skills Development Guidelines. These guidelines are used by EFT supervisors to assist therapists in their work towards Certification as an EFT Therapist. Each online group session will have a competency as its central focus. Each session, you can bring questions or dilemmas relating to that competency for discussion, dissection, and practice!

  • Session 1 Alliance Skills: Empathic attunement, safe-haven and secure-base provision, safety and focus in our work relating to the key therapeutic goals.
  • Session 2 EFT Micro-skills: Exploring the different EFT micro-skills (including RISSSSC) and their purpose to build intentional practice.
  • Session 3 Practicing EFT Micro-skills: Practicing using each of the micro-skills to expand your EFT language and knowledge of the therapeutic purpose each intervention.
  • Session 4 EFT Tango Move 1 Mirroring Present Process: Tracking cycles within and between, conceptualising distress to clearly shape goals for change.
  • Session 5 EFT Tango Move 2 Affect Assembly and Deepening: Working with the elements of emotion, ordering experience, and increasing experiential engagement.
  • Session 6 EFT Tango Move 3 Choreographing Engaged Encounters: Setting up and supporting encounters, gaining emotional depth for powerful change.
  • Session 7 EFT Tango Move 4 Processing Engaged Encounters: Working with blocks in sharing or receiving and managing other curly moments in engaged encounters.
  • Session 8 EFT Tango Move 5 Integrating and Validating: Using succinct summaries and reflections of process to bring cognitive awareness to new steps and corrective experience.